Thursday, March 15, 2012

A White Trash Treasure...

Over Christmas break Cole and I decided to host a White Trash Christmas party. The party was a hit from the Kool-Aid and Vodka drinks, little weenies with squeezie cheese, cheap beer, big hair and Nascar paraphernalia. One of the requirements to attend the party was that you had to bring a gift that cost nothing. One of the gifts that was brought for the exchange was a lovely old Jim Beam collectors bird bottle. The winner of this particular gift decided to leave it at our house. Well lucky for us I just found this little beauty a place to call home, in our house. I have an open gallon of white paint on the counter because I am still painting all the natural wood moulding to white, in the house. Sometimes my brush gets away from me and I like any add individual painted things that I hadn't set out to paint. I am SO excited I got distracted by the bird. He looks so fresh and clean with his new coat of white paint. I gave him two coats of Glidden DUO white. It's their new brand that has the paint and the primer in one can. He is currently living on our wine rack with one of my favorite framed postcards. They look nice together and I think they match nicely with the mirror I just transformed from gold to pretty blue (the leftover paint from Lucy's nursery walls). So here is what the bottle looked like before...(I found this picture on ebay and believe it or not you can purchase it for about twenty bucks... nice!)
And here he is after...
And just for fun here is a photo of Cole and I at the party. I swear I hadn't been drinking... yet.

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