Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dinner Napkin + Old Pillow = Beautiful New Pillow

I am pretty excited to share this post with you today. Last night I decided that I should make some great pillows for my new sitting area. I have been struggling with how to decorate my house. More specifically, what color pallets I want to use in my house. So I think I have decided to build off the colors of my walls and dishes (green & yellow). When we moved in we decided to paint the walls on the main level a muted corn yellow. We discovered that Miller paints makes a recycled brand that was super cheap. We couldn't afford not to go with it since we painted the entire inside of the house including the ceilings. Their recycled paint line is called Metro Paint . After talking with a best friend today, (whose style I love) told me that she's been really into yellow and green and I had to concur, which made me extra confident in my color scheme decision.
 Having my colors in mind I set out to make the cheapest pillows I could. I found two really cute table napkins at Cost Plus World Market over the weekend and paired them with like sized solid yellow ones. Then I rummaged around in the garage for some old pillows. You know the ones with the drool stains that would embarrass the pants off of you if your friends ever saw them.

I thought about whip stitching them together really quick but then I thought again. I want to put quality work out there and I am sure that my stitching abilities would never with stand the abuse my family would give them. So I called up my Mom-in-law who pretty much knows how to do it all especially run a sewing machine. After work we went over to their house and I sat down with the machine. I had to be walked though every step. I have used the machine before but its a steep learning curve. I will call these pillows easy to make even though they took me about an hour.

Step 1: Line up the napkins as best you can, inside out.

 Step 2: Approach the machine with confidence and sew some kick ass straight lines along the seams that already exist.

 Step 3: Leave an opening to stuff the pillow with. It's easier if you leave your hole in the middle of one of the sides. Then you dont have to deal with sewing up any corners. I learned this the hard way but I forgot to take photos of the second pillow. Then turn it inside out.
Step 4: Open your old drooled on pillow and stuff the new beautiful, cheap, non-drooled one.

 Step 5: Fold in the opened seams and close the bad boy up!
Or you can pin it like a pro but I wasn't patient enough so I failed at this part. My pillows have some flaws but thats what makes them mine.

Step 6: ENJOY!!! I love them and they match my walls.
Here's a few more pillow pictures for your viewing pleasure. Ahhh and look how nicely they get along with my new coffee table.


  1. Angie...these are totally cute pillows! Who would have thought about using dinner napkins? Aren't you Mrs. Crafty! :) Loving reading the blog...it's become a nightly occurrence in my house. :)

    1. I know aren't they great. I can't wait to make more. Dinner napkins come in such great patterns and colors and you can find them for next to nothing. Maybe I will find a career in pillow making instead of teaching :) I am so glad you like the blog Tina. It's become a real obsession of mine.