Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Roam freely.

We have a ton of  windows in our new house and I love it. There is nothing more spectacular than natural light. OK I take that back.... sunlight is the best light by far and when we get it in Astoria, I am thankful for all my windows. The problem with the windows is that we do not have window coverings. At night I feel like we are on display to the world. It's probably like a little show for all the neighbors. We cook dinner, bathe Lucy, put her to bed, watch TV, get ready for bed and then lights out. But they can see it all. The other day Cole and I got into it because he had just stepped out of the shower and decided to walk around our room to his dresser without his towel. Of course all I can think of is the nice couple across the street sipping coffee reading the newspaper and BAM full frontal Cole. I guess I am more conservative. The sad part about it is that your bedroom is the one place you should be free to hunt for your undies or walk around without pants on. But for fear of running into our neighbors on the street with them thinking of me as the girl with too much to share, I restrain myself. Well, last night we solved our problem. We added curtains! I went to IKEA a couple weeks ago and purchased the prettiest and cheapest curtains I could find and I found... these.RITVA Pair of curtains with tie-backs IKEA Light filtering curtain.
They are stark white but I thought they would make my yellow walls pop. I had considered making my own out of flat sheets but for this price I couldn't even make them myself. Then I paired them with this rod from IKEA
BESKÅDA Curtain rod set IKEA Complete set with wall fixtures, curtain rod and finials; ready to mount.

So here are some before and after shots. My house isn't looking too clean so please ignore the mess. I mean I am on Spring Break, so its not like I have time to clean...boring!
Here is a before and after of the entryway/family/sitting area room.
Before and after but still in progress.
The Master Before... This is a room in progress.
I only bought $100 worth of curtains so the window to the left is the only one that got covered in our bedroom. It was the one that faces right into our neighbors house so it needed it. Again, my dream of you thinking I am a stellar clean person has died. I will get around to it I swear.
Cole hanging the curtain.
After... They look so great. I can't wait until we have this room finished. I have some great ideas to make a DIY bench and headboard. Some nice finishing touches. I just cant decide on the colors for this room. We have painted the walls storm gray so I am thinking yellow and turquoise?

All in all I am really pleased with our simple new upgrade. I definitely don't feel as exposed. We  added curtains to four windows and have about 50 to steps Angie, baby steps.
 P.S. A few highlights from curtain hanging included Lucy getting in lots of snuggles from her Great Gram and Papa from Montana. She sure appreciated all the curtain hanging help.
A few details from yesterday also include my new awesome blue vintage mason jar I found for like seven bucks, at an antique store which I filled with some roadside daffodils. OOhhhh Lucy would say.

 I also spent a large portion of my day at Home Depot yesterday because today I am making shelves and ottomans. So for those of you who have been messaging me for more stay tuned I have lots of DIY stuff coming.


  1. I am in awe of you. You need to do some DIY for me since I'm feeling a little DIY inadequate today. :) Looks great! Can't wait to see it all in person.

  2. I am your neighbor. Sorry you finally got curtains. Cole is cute...