Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Burlap It Is

Yesterday I discovered a new blog that I really like called Today's Fabulous Finds. This lady has a lot of really cool crafts and projects that I want to try. Since I was in the burlap mood yesterday while making my Deer Head Painting, I decided that I would re-create her Burlap Bubble Wreath. I mean Easter is over and my egg wreath is still hanging from my door.

So I pulled together all of my materials .... All of which I already had, so this was a cheap craft to make.
Burlap (Still leftover from the coffee bags I scored)1.5 yards
Foam tubing leftover from my last wreath making extravaganza
pins with big heads
and white duct tape

If you want to re-create this wreath I am going to try my best to give you a good tutorial but really lets not kid ourselves, you need to go here. Her pictures and directions are SO much better.
With that, the first step is to make the wreath the size you want to and tape it together. (Before I get too ahead of myself I should let you know that I went back and duct taped the whole thing because it kept the pins in the foam better and I am paranoid of little pins falling out on my floor.)
Then I measured and cut out 4X4 squares. A lot of them. She recommends about 1.5 yards of burlap.

Next I took the squares to and matched up the corners. This is where I think I  made my own folding style to make the bubble. I would look at her post cause she gives specifics on folding.
Notice above I have all four corners touching now. Then I took a needle and punctured the burlap and attached it to the foam.

I thought it was pretty cool when some beans fell out of the bag. I was also a little scared that some over sized tropical scary spider could of also made its way into my burlap bag.

I am pointing to show you how I covered the whole thing in duct tape. I was only half way through taping here though. You can also see that I am half way done and you can see I was on craft overload with all the messes in the background. I swear my kitchen is clean tonight. And yes that is a beer. I needed it because Lucy has discovered her "fun" scream. It is an ear piercing scream that she thinks is funny. I am hoping its a quick phase. My friend assures me it's not.
Here is a close up so you can see the pins holding the burlap in place.
There you have it folks..... A beautiful new burlap wreath...Lets go hang it...


  1. So, I love this...I'm wondering if I could make something like this too. Could you use a different type of fabric or is the sturdiness of the burlap important?

    1. I know that there are different colors of burlap that could work. I also don't see why other fabrics wouldn't work. You should try it out and we could feature it on the blog.