Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY Easter Wreath

As many of you know or have read Cole and I purchased our first home back in November. The house is perfect for us. It's got lots of room for us to grow into, an amazing view with (when the sun is willing) a sunrise and sunset, and to top it off a yard. A fenced yard at that and this is all Lola and Hurley could ask for. The home itself however is a diamond in the rough. It was a foreclosure that had been beaten up by previous owners. The outside is also not terribly favorable on the eyes. I like to refer to it as the Big Green Monster. When the previous owner built the home I think he ran out of money. Which forced him to paint the house with a clearance color. It's green, not grass green or lime green but a funky in between color. Cole and I want to repaint it this summer so we are saving up. I think we have a great vision which includes a stunning color and some shingles in the arbors along with some rock work around the garage. Anyways back to the wreath. Since we can't afford to paint the house now I am taking simple steps to beautify the home. Today I made my first wreath. It was a mess to make but I am pretty proud of myself.
First I got all of my materials together:
Duct Tape (I had white)
Faux craft grass/moss (messy messy) $2.29 each
Glue gun $2.00 at Joanns in the dollar section
Decorative eggs 40% off $2.99
Pipe Insulation $4
About $11.oo give or take a few plus you have all the extra insulation for more wreaths..score!
 Oh ya... I also used a burlap strip from a coffee bag I got at a local store for $.99. I bought three and don't know what to do with them. If you have any ideas I WANT to know. I also had a white piece of ribbon for the hanger. (P.S. if you look closely I bought glow in the dark glue?! I wonder if my wreath will be a glowing ball of Easter love at night, I'll let you know.)

It's a super easy wreath to make but its really messy and since I am a reckless slob I decided to do this project in the house where it was warm. I paid for this. The fake grass shreds into like a trillion pieces and dusts off in your face. With this said I would probably still do it again in the house cause I would be too lazy to go all the way to the basement. I took about a piece and a half of the insulation and duct taped it together. Then I went CRAZY with my glue gun. I shredded that grass and glued it like a mad women. All in all it took two bags of grass.
And there you have it. All glued up waiting for some decorations. This picture makes it look a bit moss heavy on the right. Hmmm

I added the eggs with the glue gun and I cut a strip of burlap and hung the baby from the door. Mom, aren't you proud. I guess you could say we are ready for the Easter Bunny... 


  1. Angie your wreath is absolutely beautiful!!!!!
    I am so impressed with all your projects. I love reading your blog everyday. xoxoxo

    1. I love you... I knew you would like the wreath.