Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucy's Room

There is one room in our whole house that is completed to our perfection. Of course this room is our baby girl Lucy's room. Long before we ever moved into this house, let alone picked it out or visited the inside, I had a vision for her nursery. I knew the walls would need to be that beautiful vibrant Tiffany blue and and her crib would be dark brown to match her sheet set. From there, everything else just kinda came together. All we needed was a room. After we purchased our house, we received a lot of help. My family made multiple treks from Portland to help get us get situated and moved in. Cole's parents live locally so they were able to come over after work most evenings to help paint or even take care of Lucy so we could work. The home was a foreclosure and needed (needs) a lot of love. Most people that helped us made it their personal mission to make sure that Lucy's room was ready to be lived in long before the others were. The upstairs was carpeted with miss-matched styles. The worst part about the upstairs carpeting was the amount of nasty pet stains. Or what we think were pet stains... So we knew that before we moved in upstairs we were going to rip out and replace the nasty stuff.

Here is a view looking into her room. This picture doesn't give the old carpets the dirty justice they deserve.

This is a view looking back towards her closet and the entrance to her room.

Once the carpets were torn out we were able to paint the room. We also upgraded all the trim by sanding and painting it white. What a pain in the you know what too! Unfortunately, I have no photos of the painting crew but let me tell you, boy did they look good! The dogs have also taken a personal liking to Lucy's room. I'm guessing it's because they think she might throw food at them from her crib like she does from her highchair, who knows. ( pictured: Lola our oldest daughter)

This is a picture looking left from the room's entrance. Lucy's room has become a bird haven. It wasn't intentional but we seemed to collect a lot of bird lovin stuff from others. Personally, I love it. Check out the knobs Cole installed on her dresser. Aren't the awesome! We scored them at this great store locally called Vintage Hardware.

This is Lucy's bookshelf that was given to her at her baby shower. Several of my good friends/co-working teachers threw me the most amazing shower ever. They made the bookshelf and had the guests fill the shelves. Best idea ever!

And the view to the right. Check out the awesome mobile one of my closest friends Molly made me. Homemade stuff is truly the best stuff!

Above you can see a close up of the new carpet and her shoes. I mean, she is my daughter and if you know me you know addiction runs in the family. And below you can see my sass master eating her crib. This picture is an older one. We used to have a super cute mobile in her crib. However, there was a short period when Lucy took up bird hunting and we would catch them laying limp in her crib. Yikes!

Lucy's new mobile, a lovely higher version of the first one.


To wrap this post up, Lucy would love to share with you her view. You really can't beat this view.


  1. Love the color on the walls! What is it?

    1. The color on the walls is called "Cool Jazz" by Behr. I love it!