Friday, March 23, 2012

Bringing the Great Outdoors In

I love plants. I love them outside, inside, big, small, you name it. Sometimes I feel like I have missed my calling in life and that I should be a florist not a teacher. Believe it or not, I was voted most likely to be a florist at my 8th grade graduation. I know, pretty awesome. I am also pretty good at keeping the babies alive indoors (yes ladies the tree from college is still alive and well). With the exception of Orchids. I kill them, all of them. I actually no longer buy them because I already know they have a doomed fate in my presence. When I first discovered Pinterest I had a quick infatuation with all of the beautiful terrariums being pinned. I loved them so much that I gave them their own page. So without further adieu I would like to present to you my new house guests... The Terrariums...
                                                  First I started by getting all of my materials together:
I found two cool glass containers: The large Mason jar is actually a growler from our local Fort George Brewery. We have tons of them and I am sure Cole might not appreciate me using his beer vessel. Oh well. I found the other more elegant glass container under my Moms bathroom sink. Thanks mom. So that means they were both free!
Soil (had it)
Succulents ($2 each at The Home Depot)
White rocks (about $4 at Home Depot)
Glass rocks had them
Black Sand ($1.99 at Joann's)
A spoon (from my kitchen)

Then I started by layering. First I added white rocks and on top of that I added the black sand. Which did not look artsy and pretty like I wanted. It looked like an all black layer. If I did it all over again I would skip this step and just add soil, plant the succulents, then add white rocks as the top layer. 
Tada! Here is the finished result. Cool huh?
 This is the front of the growler... Ahhh... Beer sounds great about now. I am finishing this post in Newport, OR (Visiting my Sis and Mom for the weekend, woohoo!) . I just got off of HWY 101 (with an 11 month old) which was overrun with spring break traffic. I deserve a beer.... or 5.
Here is a to scale picture so you get a feel for the size of my terrariums.
Here you have it, my mini piece of the outdoors inside. I decided to put Chickie and White Lightning with them to make them even more festive looking. Pretty much love them and if you have time you should make one. If I could offer any advice it would be to make these outside. Once again I was too lazy to go outside so I made them on my new coffee table and I got soil all over my carpet. Oops. 
 My mission of the weekend is to hit up every antique store I come across in hopes of finding a mini glass Bambi figurine.


  1. Beautiful! I love terrariums too. Love your ideas! - Jessica

  2. Let's talk about the fact that you named your little bunny white lightning. Um, yeah...

  3. Love your terrariums. That is what I am planning to make to put in my garden window in the kitchen. Maybe you could help me???????
    Love Ya Marcia

    1. Of course I can help you. I already have all of the materials. Just keep your eyes open for cool glass containers. I want to find a big round one. I'm hitting up a cool thrift store tomorrow so I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.

  4. I have a ton of succulents in my garden window. I may have to clip some and give the terrarim a try!! Melissa