Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bringing in my own rays....

There is a room in our house that is kept closed up and shut off from the rest of the world. It is our dirty little secret that we don't want to share with the rest of the neighborhood. Today I am going to share this place with you. I have to talk about this room to tell you of my adventures in spray painting yesterday. You see I have had three cans of spray paint staring me down sitting on the counter for the last week. I needed to let the inner tagger in me out so I set out to the depths of our house, the GARAGE......  AAAAAAAHHHHHHH
 OK I know many of you are saying gross Angie you are a hoarder and a slob. Well I am a collector and yes a slob but in our defense we moved here in November. It's rainy here and Cole has a full time job and I work in the morning and have two infants in the afternoon so that's harder than real work.  This is why we cannot clean it. Also, we are awesome at procrastination on cooler projects. Anyways, I went into the garage with the hopes of finding two candle holders I had previously primed white and painted blue.....Found them
 I decided that I didn't want them to be blue anymore and that I wanted them to be yellow! Bright like the sun to light up our sitting room. So I grabbed them and then I found this little birdie friend. I picked him up the other day at a thrift store. Isn't he cute and wouldn't he look nice as a yellow bird. Fun! So I picked him up too and headed out back to start my tagging fest.
 Sitting in the dirt waiting for his makeover...
 The color of choice which can be found at your local Home Depot.
 One coat down... Then I had to run upstairs cause the babies woke from their naps. And wouldn't you know it when I came back out it was raining. Go figure, so I had to wait till the next day to add a second coat.
 Blue candle holders waiting for their makeover/ rain fest. I knew it was going to rain but I am into instant gratification and have no patience.
 Look what happened after one coat what the hell! Hold on a sec it kinda looks cool huh? So I added another coat and went with it.
 Tada all pretty bright and yellow. Very yellow. But I am a fan and I think it adds a nice splash to our room.
Lucy really likes Birdie too... Ooohh pretty....

Here are a couple shots of my amazingly, adorable, advanced Lucy Lou reading and admiring her moms work.

I've been moving the pieces around to see where they look the best. Personally I think they look good in a multitude of places so maybe they will grace many spots in my home.
 Birdie looks pretty cool even in front of my new pillow.
 Moral of the story...Spray paint is the best thing ever because it lets you make anything more interesting to look at and when you are bored with it you can paint it again.
PS.... true story, when I came out to save the pieces from the rain there was a fat bellied robin checking out birdie. True LOVE


  1. Would it get old if I just start commenting all the time, "Oh, can you make one of those for us?" Because it's seriously how I feel about each post.

  2. Yes I love the comments! I also have a new theme to keep in mind for you two, many blogs to come I am sure revolving around that. In the meantime I have lots of spray paint and we can tag together. It would be badass!

  3. I think we both need to invest in those ventilator mask things because I don't want to have lung cancer at 30. That is all. Viva spraypaint!!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Like a tagger with spray paint tags his mark on trains and buildings... Hardcore stuff