Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Kitchen Table

When Cole and I moved in together we inherited his parents old kitchen table. I believe they bought it years ago at a Sam's Club in Montana. Which is similar to what many know as a Costco. It's been a solid table but there was one thing about the table that really got me. The stain was outdated and the top was pretty worn from years of abuse from four growing boys.....god bless my Mother-in-law! So after my current obsession with Pinterest and up-cycling being all the rage, I decided we should finish the table ourselves. Who knew that two non-wood working peeps could do such a bang up job!

A view from the top!

Cole spraying it all out after a good sanding...

The top has been stained here but take note of the old stain color on the bottom which looks white from being sanded.

And last but not least the one lonely chair that has not been finished because we forgot about it and because it's broken. I think I have big plans to paint it Tiffany Blue... Another day.

One final picture... I am so proud of us... This table is the beginning of what I believe is a life long passion of redoing furniture and DIY projects. Let the fun begin!

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