Friday, March 16, 2012

He said I couldn't do it... So I did.

  In college Cole and I acquired this rather large Elk shed. Well to say the least it's been sitting in our garage collecting dust for the last six years or so. Recently my infatuation with blogging and Pinterest led me to this little picture here that inspired me to paint me some of my own horns. Yeehaw ride em cowgirl... However, Cole was not so thrilled about my idea. He actually laughed and said, "No, you are not painting my horns." Well babe I did... and look at how pretty they are now. Hope you like them (I actually painted them while he was still at work, so I can't wait to see his reaction, good or bad.) .... his reaction
I began by finding the horns and bringing them upstairs. The dogs loved the new treasure. (Pictured: Hurley and Marley)
 Here is a before shot. The horn is huge, probably too big. But I am going to do it anyways. I'm sure I can find a nice home for it. (Hopefully not back in the garage.)
 Once again I am using the open can of white paint that I have been using to paint the unfinished moulding on the main floor.

 Lookie here... Doesn't it look cool. This is what one coat will get you.

Lucy and I sat and stared at the massive piece dry for a while. This picture also makes me realize how non-kid friendly it is. Those spikes look sharp. Guess we won't leave it on the floor as decor.

And here she is... Beautiful, but huge.

Maybe I should try some smaller horns next time... hint hint... Neil (my father in law)? I know you have boxes sitting around gathering dust. He already told me I wasn't allowed to paint any of his horns, maybe he will reconsider now.

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