Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Momma's Apple Tree

A while back when I first began my Pinterest addiction I came across this pin below which can be linked to this great Etsy site here.
 Pinned Image

I didn't have the funds to buy this piece but I did have a person who could help me build one of my own. So with that I guess I should call this post If They Can Do It So Can He. I told my Mark that I wanted him to help me make this great piece I saw online. Usually when he hears one of us girls say help it means... please do this for me cause I don't know how and I really don't have the patience...but I WANT it! Well one Sunday morning as he was pruning my Mom's apple tree in the back yard, he decided to procrastinate away from his pruning and throw together this little baby for me! (PS... as you know by now I am feeling more inclined to do this DIY stuff and I am sure I could throw it together too.. Yeah right) (Oh double PSS I had a girlfriend last night ask me what DIY stands for and for those of you who have been thinking I am a crazy acronym person without regard to the reader it means Do It Yourself, hope that clears some things up for those of you who thought that it might mean Don't Itch Yourself or Drink It Yo.)
 Isn't it lovely. I had not conceived this blog yet so I didn't take any photos of him making it. Besides, he literally came inside with the final product in hand and asked if this was like my Etsy vision. And of course it was.
 What really makes this piece special though is that it is made from the apple tree at Mom's house which adds 110% sentimental value to it.
 Lucy loves it too because it adorns all of her coats. Usually its covered to the max and you don't see the beauty of the piece so I thinned it out for you. Also if you decided to make a nice square frame and cut some branches to craft your own make sure that when you go to hang it, you find those studs. I mean I hang a lot of stuff from this and if I didn't find those studs I would have a pile on the floor and a big gaping sheet rock hole in my wall.
Here is a view of my entrance way. Notice I still haven't painted the trim around the doors or the door for that matter (I know I want a color but I don't know which one.) It's a project to come. However, if I could direct your attention to this little blue table. It is the largest of three which were all brown at one time. Cole spray painted it blue the other day. What do you think about the blue. I have never been a blue sorta girl but I really think it is growing on me.


  1. i saw this on pintrest and loved it!!! so glad you were able to make it happen! you are awesome and so inspiring. and thanks for clearing up DIY! ; )

  2. Perfect, I've been asking him for something to hang the girls jackets on. Now i can just say I want the same thing he made for you!!

    1. Yeah... Just remember to ask him with the idea that you will be helping him. :)

  3. Hey, I have one of those!!! Gotta love the Markie made coat racks!