Friday, April 13, 2012

Bloom Baby

I love my new burlap wreath but it lacks a little pzazz. So I was scrolling through my lists of "Gonna do it myself" pins on Pinterest when I came to this great wreath... from this site called Yellow Mums.
I really like the fabric flowers and decided to make some of my own. Wouldn't you know she got the idea from her sis. Aren't Sissys the best! You can find her fabulous tutorial here at
Krafty Millie. After studying her tutorial I set out for my very organized bag of leftover fabric and after digging through it I decided on a pale yellow.

 I just love this fabric. I wish I was a crafty sewy person and I would make wonderful things out of it but I really am not a sew pro. Today I am sticking to my glue gun...
 I took another fabric and I drew very technical circles to act as the backing.
 Then I grabbed my tried and true kitchen scissors which are duller than you know what. (My birthday is May 4th .... if anyone wants to send me some kick ass scissors that aren't dull I will love you forever.)
 I cut my fabric down into a long strip like three feet long. I also grabbed a pretty yellow ribbon and knotted them both at one end.
Then you glue the knot onto a dot of hot glue and twist and glue the twist to another dot and so on and so on until you cover the whole piece of fabric.
 Then you get this lovely, beautiful flower to adorn anything you want...
I went crazy and did three for my wreath...
Except I didn't like the way the dark yellow one looked so I made a third light yellow one... (I also tried to reshape my foam... Looks kinda droopy or more like and oval than a circle.
Much better.... I love the three yellow ones... They are very bright though, not to mention it's another sunny day in Astoria. (I need to paint my front door too.... this summer..)
Now you are wondering to yourself.... hmmm what did she do with the other yellow flower. Well... I could put it on a headband, new pillow, but instead I decided to pin it to my new curtains as an accent piece....
This project was super easy, not to mention I could find 100 things to do with these little babies. Granted Cole probably doesn't want flowers all over our house. OK lets have one last look at my wreath adorned with my fabric flowers. Pretty much a success for a Friday.


  1. I love the flower on your new curtains! I need to come over and see all the improvements. You've done a lot in the month since I was last at your house!

  2. We will have to set up a play date soon.