Thursday, April 19, 2012

Have Glue Gun... Will Craft

Today was one of those days where I had a mile long to do list in my head. Yet, I never wrote my to do list down and I kept forgetting what I needed to do. So instead I just started lots of projects all at once. I got really overwhelmed as I sat in a filthy house at a disastrous kitchen/craft table. After a small pep/organization conversation with myself I decided to call my Mom-in-law. I knew I needed to clean my house (cause I really haven't done one of those deep cleans in a long long time) and asked for her to watch Lucy after work so Cole and I could do an intense deep clean. After the call, (babies had just gone down for their nap) I allowed myself one project at a time. Lucy's birthday party is Saturday so I have lots to do until then. We are trying to do the party on the cheap and I am trying my best to make all the decorations instead of buying them. I also know that as the Mom hostess it is my duty to provide a little take away for all of the other kids at the party. I had a bunch of felt out with leftover burlap. I had no idea what to make so I turned to the trusted Pinterest. After searching for a while I found this little pin here....
Pinned Image
 You can purchase this little bad boy from the Etsy store here. ( $3.50 not bad huh?) Since I didn't want to invest that much money in the favors I decided to try and make them myself.... Take a look...

I started by making a template... Cut out two pieces
Then I wrapped yarn around four fingers so I could get a lot of pieces the same length for the mane..
Next I laid out the yarn, crafted an ear and went nuts with the glue gun.
 I glued the two pieces together....
 Then I crafted a bridal out of some leftover burlap.
 Glued on a felt eye and there you have it a pony for all the kids to take home. Now I need to find some candy sticks to shove in them. I mean gently place in them. Yee Haw Ride Em Cowgirl!
I should mention that I made 11 of them. I got myself a herd...
Ok the babes literally woke up as I glued on the last eye and it was amazing! I knew I still had crafting to do but it would have to be an easy one that I could keep coming back to. So I decided to make some poms for her party. I used to make the tissue paper flowers with my students so I knew I could make a pom. I did and they look amazing. You have to recreate these for your next party. My inspiration picture....

You can follow their super easy tutorial here or you can test your luck with mine...First you need to start with 8 sheets of tissue paper. My first go around I used the whole sheet which made one large red pom then I cut my yellow/orangie paper in half to make two smaller ones..
Start by accordion folding the paper all the way down til the end of the paper..
 Once totally folded I tied a piece of yarn around the center so I have string to hang it from the ceiling.
 Then I cut off the ends cause I like the rounded ends.
 One by one, separate all the sheets... You will start to see magic unfold before your eyes. Behold the POM!!!!
This is my massive red one...
All three together... I can't wait to show them to you when they are all hung up hanging around in all their birthday glory... Oh yeah and they will be reused after Lucy's party. My  other little baby that I watch (Mr. Weston) is also turning one and his Momma wants them for his party... Yeah recycling... Anyways you need to make these they are super easy and adorable.. Do It... Then I cleaned and it was boring so I didn't take photos of that. But our upstairs is sooooo clean. Cleaner then ever before.


  1. Seriously Smange, you are so fun to follow! I officially NEED to see you soon so our girls can meet! Happy Birthday beautiful Lucy and good job mama.

    1. You should seriously load up the girls and boys... And come out tomorrow. Burgers and Buds. I am serious too. PS I love that you are loving the blog. Gives me motivation to keep doing it.