Monday, April 16, 2012

Fabulous Monday Freebie....

This weekend Lucy, Cole, the dogs and I loaded up our car and headed into Portland. We had a very eventful weekend (more of that to follow) which included scoring some awesome loot for you! One thing I learned this weekend was that Portland is the knife capital of the US. This is because there are more knife companies established per capita in Portland. So in celebration for the beautiful city of Portland and all it has to offer I thought I would pass along one of its treasures to you. (Directions on how to score one of the two knifes I scored follow below.)

 Saturday morning after Cole made a killer Eggs Benedict, my Daddy and Step Mom Marcia picked up Cole and I to embark on a mini journey through Portland. Several weeks ago I read this awesome tutorial on Centsational Girl's Blog on how to make your own cutting board. So since reading her post I have been looking for a hardwood mill to make my own. My Dad was in the sawmill industry for years so I obviously turned to him first. He directed me to Goby Hardwoods which produces a lot of beautiful Walnut lumber..... Here we are at the entrance about so go in and find my perfect piece of wood.
Check out the doors to this place... Pretty cool
 Once inside I had to make some very hard decisions because they had a lot to choose from. After some hunting I made the decision to buy two pieces that I got for about two bucks a pound. I can't wait to show you how they turn out.
My handsome Daddy leaving the mill. Look at all the huge pieces of walnut stacked behind him. Oh the possibilities.

Then we headed across the river to The Rebuilding Center. My Dad has worked with them in the past and knew that I would just love this place. I did of course. It was huge, awesome and overwhelming because there was so much in there. You really need to know what you are looking for and the dimensions on the materials needed. (I think I am going back for moulding to frame in my bathroom mirrors, but I needed my mirror dimensions.) Below on the left is the outside of the building made up of used windows from old homes and buildings they tore down and recycled. Very cool concept.

This is one of the many fireplace mantels that greets you when you enter. They had like seven and they were all very reasonably priced. A fresh coat of paint and hello new fireplace.  Below is another picture of the entrance. The building is an open air building so birds can fly in and fly out.

Another outside shot. Its over in the Mississippi district in Portland. I guess I am pretty sheltered when it comes to Portland. I really need to get out more cause this town has so much to offer.

The weekend only got crazier for us. You see we are planning on having Lucy's 1st birthday next weekend (YES I almost have a one year old... Crazy I know) and following that weekend I am hosting a baby shower. So the following pictures could include my mom and I tearing apart every craft store and Target in town but those would not be pretty pictures we were mad, crazy, driven shoppers. Use your imaginations. One detail I do need to share is the newest addition to our house ...Romper... One of our good friends is in transition right now so we are being foster parents for a while. So you might be seeing him in some upcoming posts.... Meet Romper....
  To say the least it was an eventful weekend.... Now for the part you really wanted to hear about... So in order to be considered for one of the made in Portland knives... Made by the amazing folks at Kershaw, tell me why you need the knife. Maybe you need a new knife to adorn your tackle box or maybe you need it for your many upcoming backpacking trips. Or maybe you need it because you don't have a sharp knife in your house and need it to cut apples and cheese.... Whatever the need just let me know and I will randomly choose 2 winners... That's right 2! Deadline is Wednesday by 7pm... Can't wait to hear from you...

 PS some people told me it was hard to sign up as a subscriber so just leave a comment as an anonymous person but include your name in your comment... Have a great week and good luck...


  1. I need this knife because I have a daughter-in-law who is always coming over with big ideas that she needs help with.

  2. I need this knife to wear on my belt when I exercise in certain parts of Astoria with you :) Kenna

  3. Brent says he needs one of these knives so he can recreate the knife fight scene from the Michael Jackson "Beat It" video. :)
    --Tina (and Brent too!)

    1. P.S. When we get into a house, you'll have to show me where some of these cool places in Portland are! How cool are those mantels that you took a picture of? :)

  4. I need a knife because I am moving to Colorado and have seemed to misplace all my other Kershaw knives. What happens when I need to kill a squirrel for food? or cut kindling for fires.... I think i am a great candidate for a home for one of the knives.

  5. I need a new sharp knife to help with all my projects: upholstery, gardening, basically any and everything would be easier with this. Thanks for giving me the chance.

    P.S.this was my first visit....keep up the good work!

  6. I need this knife because I am always helping my little brother and sister with their school projects and we like to get super creative (using it to cut styrofoam to make planets, etc) Please choose us! This knife will be useful throughout many arts and crafts projects!

  7. I need a sharp knife, mine is dull from excessive use. A cowgirl can always use a new knife. :)

  8. Hello Holly Marie... You won the knife!!!! Yeah.... If you could send your address to my email at I will be sure to send it off to you ASAP. Congrats.... Cowgirl... I hope my Lil' Buckaroo party makes you proud.