Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy Bird Cage

Well my Spring 2012 Restoration Hardware catalogue came the other day. I was so excited that I ripped it open and ran over to the sitting area where I was about to sit down and read it when of course I got distracted by something. I can't remember what got me (I probably realized the baby gate was open or something. God knows Lucy loves climbing up them but she isn't great at coming down) all I remember is that I didn't get to divulge in the over-indulgent catalogue. Of course I can't afford anything from this catalogue but a girl can dream and more importantly get ideas. Check out the girth on this baby...
As I was reading through it I was waiting for that moment of inspiration for my next DIY project instead I was in awe and shocked at what I found on page 136...
Can you believe what you are seeing? That my friends is a birdcage chandelier. It is the biggest thing ever. Part of me loves it and part of me hates it. How can this thing fit into any ones house. I mean I am visualizing it in some dark, hot nightclub with maybe a dancer on the inside. It would take up a whole room in my house. It is a true work of art but holy bird cage! I guess the bird fascination is in its next stage and has evolved to birdcages. Well if this birdcage is right up your alley you can purchase it here.
After the holy cowness wore off I decided to keep reading and I found myself fixated on the light fixtures. Like this lovely lamp below. Simple nice lines and clean looking. I need all the clean fixtures I can get in my house to compensate for all the messes.
 I also loved this spread. Maybe it is the Montana in me that loved the horns. I know they are not for everyone but they have a certain sense of nostalgia for me. No I am not a hunter. I couldn't kill anything if you paid me a million bucks. I can't even kill one of the ladybugs that are infesting our house right now. Lucy on the other hand... Well I have finger swiped two from her mouth...Lovely
 Then I came to the part of the magazine that inspired me and compared to the grand catalogue my inspiration was simple a relatively cheap considering...
Wouldn't this look nice above my redone kitchen table. I love the over sized Edison light and the simple shape. Not too fussy not too plain.
 And it is priced at $129.00 which would still require some saving but nowhere near as much as the birdcage light at almost $3000.

 See wouldn't it look nice hanging over my table. Right now we have a boring old light that looks like a big old boob. Looking at this picture also makes me want to paint my cupboards ...dark ...or light?
Or maybe we should replace these funky ones with them. These bad boys pictured below are up for grabs..By the way

Brushed something look... Maybe nickle?

Ok.... I need to get off the couch because as this is what it looks like out my window and god knows we don't get enough sun. Off Lucy and I go to enjoy this day. I hope all of you out there are having a magical day and hopefully a sunny one. PS it's Friday so that means its time for a beer too... Would it be bad if I put the beer in my stroller cup holder on our walk...?

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