Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hiding in the deep...

This is a warning to any of you who wanted to read a pretty post today because this is not pretty, nor is it crafty. I haven't posted in a about a week because I have had a lot on my plate. For instance, I co-hosted a baby shower which I did take a few photos of and will have to share for another day. Today I wanted to tell you where I have been hiding. You see several months ago, some of my besties asked me to partake in the Missoula Marathon. I am not one to turn down a good time so I decided that I was in ..... for the half marathon that is. (I am not crazy, I just wanted you to think for a split second of me as a marathoner!) So thanks to my Aunt Bec, I am the new owner of a an old (free) still working treadmill. For those of you who are saying... "Angie just get your butt outside and run." Well to you I say, "I wish I could but more days than not this is what outside looks like..."
Yes WET.... Not to mention running in Astoria is very do able but it can be hard. I mean Astoria is like San Francisco in the sense that it has a lot of really steep hills. Some of the sidewalks have stairs fashioned into them, the streets are so steep! Oh yeah and I would have to be pushing a double stroller and these babies aren't getting any lighter. So with that said I have found that nap time is my new running time which brings me to my new hangout the... basement.... Doom Doom Doom.... Again.. warning.. these are not pretty pictures. There was no cleaning that took place and no remodeling of any sort. So here you have it... My new gym...

Lucy no longer hangs out in her walker but she is a walker/"still falls on her hands and crawls around" person. I really didn't want her to touch the floor with her hands because the carpets are NASTY!!!! I even made her wear her cowgirl boots cause I didn't want her pj footie's to get gross.

Below you can see my new BFF, the treadmill. You can also get a glimpse of my "needs a lot of work" basement. Remember how this house was a foreclosure ... Well I think they were running a pound in the basement because when I run I feel like I am huffing animal urine... It really makes the runs that much easier. LOVE IT... Now you understand why I won't let Lucy touch the carpet... Also for all of you smarties out there that are like CLEAN IT ANGIE... I did I actually... I washed it and scrubbed it but it is commercial grade carpet and we need to just replace it.. When we can afford to.
Here is my view when I run.... It is of my craft table. Do you think I need to organize it!? Nah...
I guess I am writing this post because A. I wanted to tell you what I have been up to and  B. So that in the future when I tell you that I am dying you will know why. Also because I need your support. I love running but it really is a mind game for me. The last half marathon I did, I trained with a friend so I had someone to push me, talk to me and hold me accountable. Now I have a dirty basement, babies and a treadmill (I also have the mental drive to do something just for me and no one else which is hard to find time for when you have a baby always wanting something from you... I really have to make sure I am taking care of myself too. It is what makes me a better Mommy). Sure I send sweaty pics of myself to my besties and we give text support but now I have you to hold me accountable and that means a lot. Please... please I would love to hear from you if you too are training for something or trying to accomplish a certain goal. I want to support you too. Maybe we can train mentally together.

So from now on you can picture me in the basement running away with Lucy cheering me on.

PS... I need some new music so if you have some great motivating running/workout music please let me know. I am open to it all as long at it pumps me up....


  1. Annie MasingaleMay 1, 2012 at 4:28 PM

    So proud of you, girlfriend! Wish I could say I was training too, but I'm a lazy bum. On the rare occasion that I do work out, Pandora's "Die Antwoord" and "Notorious B.I.G." stations get me going...

  2. It is hard to keep motivated without something or someone motivating you, giving yourself something to look forward to after you accomplish a workout works for me. I don't know where you find the time to fit all this stuff in but you are doing an awesome job, your house is so cute and it sounds like Lucy is super smart and obviously cutest baby ever!

    1. Love you Connie! It is hard but I find that a Hot Toddy and a hot bath are the rewards I am allowing myself... I am sorry I missed you and I am glad you liked the house. You need to come back to play again with me here. Maybe we can go running together! You should sign up for the Bridge Run here in Astoria and we can do that together!