Monday, May 14, 2012

the B.I.G vase

I hope all of my Mommy friends and family had a great Mother's Day weekend. I know that I had a simple and indulgent weekend with my family at home. One of the reasons why I loved my weekend so much was because I got to "really" start working outside on my lawn and many gardens to come. OK, so I really didn't do a whole lot except replant a planter and watch Cole make my raised bed. I can't wait to share it with you later in the week. We are getting the dirt for it tonight!!!! However, I did explore what my yard had to offer other than grass and dirt. Cole and I are quickly realizing thanks to the help of the other neighbors and wild rampant weeds like scotch broom that our lot is big! A lot bigger then we thought ... Which should be great news, right? But we are realizing how hard it is to maintain a yard. Not to mention half of this extra lot space we didn't know was ours is on a slope or covered with crazy plants and rocks and stuff. So to come full circle I got to explore my "new" yard. There I found some Alder trees that are growing like weeds and will need to die soon. As I pretended to look busy weeding them so I wouldn't be called to do something else more tedious or strenuous.  I realized the long skinny branches could look so cool in a vase. I sat there day dreaming about all the lovely over sized bulbous vases I have been seeing in catalogue's lately. I sat there dreaming of them and how I wanted one that second to put some  branches in.... These were the visions dancing in my head....  (The vase above can be found here.)

These are from HORCHOW
This one below is from The Bowl Company.

The one below can be found here at Maxwell Silver Boutiques.

After several minutes of thinking of the things I want but can't have,w hich happens a lot, I remembered that we do have something in our garage hidden that could double as a vase! That's right I found an old glass wine barrel that we used to use when we were making our own wine.

So I took it out of the garage and cleaned it down because it was nasty and stinky. I think it still had left over peach wine in it... GROSS ....Then I found some left over white rocks from my terrariums and added them for visual interest. Then I added my super tall branches.... Perfect! (P.S if you want one of these "vases" you can get them on Amazon here. And they are only $26 or so!)

Then I recruited the help of my strapping, hard working man to carry it up the stairs...
Then he placed it gently on my wooden coffee table and guess what? It is amazing and perfect and offers so much to the room. Lucy loves it because she can pet the glass and I love it cause she can't move it because it's way to heavy!
Plants always add so much life to anyroom they are in. Escept for the ones I kill of course.

Well as if I could not be any happier with my vase, the next day Lucy and Cole gave me the most amazing orange and red roses.. My favorite and I added them to the vase. Look how fabulous they make my vase look.

Now I find myself on my daily walks looking at all the trees in the neighborhoods (that of course do not belong to any homeowners) for perfect branches to adorn my vase. I can't wait to fill it again and again. What do you think?

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