Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Lemon hand Scrub... Mothers Day Idea?

As we all know Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday. Now I would like to think the day will be all about me since I am now a mom. However, I know that there is a special lady in my life that deserves some extra TLC too. So I have been browsing my favorite sites looking for inspiration on things to make for the different women in my life. Then it dawned on me that I have the materials to make a super easy/cheap/cute/useful gift right here in my own home. You see, several months ago we celebrated the classified staff at our school and I made an awesome sea salt hand scrub for some of my favorite ladies that I work with day in and day out. I originally got the idea from this site here called

I rounded up all the ingredients I needed:  
-1 cup of sea salt. ( I found mine at Costco for maybe $3 and you can make a lot from it.)
-1/4 cup of olive oil. (the other site says you can use other oils too)
-1 tsp of lemon juice
-1 tsp of lemon zest even though I added a ton extra because I love everything lemony!
Then all you do is mix the oil and salt together in a bowl. Next add the lemon juice (be careful not to add too much or else your salt will dissolve and that would not be pretty). After that take out your zester or if you're like me and don't have one, take out your cheese grater and grate that lemon away. I had a few tangerines too so I grated the skins in for a citrus burst! Then I poured them into some mason jars I had laying around in my garage.
I made a bunch! Then you can add some cute detailing like fabric and yarn to personalize it to make it super great.
Next time, someday in the future when my lavender is growing nice and wild and free, I am going to pick it and add it to a salt scrub. Wouldn't that smell nice! You should whip some of this goodness up and give it to yo' Momma in a cute little basket with other things she loves. (Don't get your hopes up Mom! You know how bad I am about getting things in the mail on time xxoo)

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