Monday, September 10, 2012

Pretty Amazing Man....

Cole loves to surprise me. He is really good at it too. When I least expect it he does something amazing that reminds me I am totally head over heals for him. Several weekends ago my Mommy, Lucy and I went to the Bay Area to visit my Grandpa. While we were away Cole decided to rip out the linoleum (the hideously dirty cream stuff) in our kitchen. We are constantly looking for ways to update this bad boy of a kitchen of ours. Cole and I have always both agreed that we like the way slate looks but never talked about conquering our floor seriously. With the help of his Dad, Cole set out to redo the kitchen floor while we were away. When I returned home I was pleasantly surprised to find a new slate/tile floor that I adore. So without further ado.... Here are some before and after photos of our new kitchen floor.

Before.... The lovely linoleum...

 Cole took some photos of the step by step progress... So here is the tile all laid out and ready for grout... He picked a tile that had some brown in it to match the cupboards in case we decide to not refinish them.

And here are the after....

 The flooring makes a huge difference. I used to battle with a floor that constantly looked dirty... probably cause it was though I mean what do you expect with a toddler and two dogs.... Now we can hide the dirt better!!!

Below you can see where I painted the backside of the cupboards with chalkboard paint that I made. You see Lucy is a new found artist and chasing her around with crayons in her hand (washable or not) is exhausting so I gave her the low walls to express herself on. I cleaned it up for the photo though.

 Weston, Lucy's BFF wanted in on the action. Napping is overrated on Mondays.

Anyways look at the beautiful floor. Pretty much Cole and his Dad rock and I love it.

 Now I am at a loss for what to do with the cupboards. I was sold on the idea of painting them white but now I don't know. I do know that the counter tops must go and that my previous idea of white tops could be out and a darker counter top could be in.

Anywhoo.... For our family and friends out there wondering what kind of home upgrades we have been up too here you have it. Except I can't take any credit for this. It was all Cole... Nice work babe.


  1. Looks beautiful! I've been wanting to slate our bathroom. Love it!

  2. It looks amazing! Good work Cole. I especially love the low chalkboards though. You're such a good mommy. :)