Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tis the season

I have been spending way too much time on Pinterest as of late. What's new right? Anyways, I have known now for a while that I wanted to make a new wreath for my front door because my old one was looking a wee bit droopy. Here are some of the ones off Pinterest that I have been eyeballing...

Yarn Wreath Felt Handmade Door Decoration -  Fall In Line 12in
Love the yarn look. Looks like a lot of work. More time than I have for today but you can buy this one here.
Still love this one too from Yellow Mums.

So I set off to my craft chest... Holy Jesus do I need a lesson on organization or what.
I pulled out my handy glue gun and my utility knife and I went to the basement to grab some more supplies. Here's my pile to draw creativity from.
Then I found this old Christmas wreath in the garage. Score! I am not going to have to spend a cent on this wreath. Not to mention I couldn't go anywhere to buy anything if I wanted cause the babes are asleep.... And I am sure as hell not waking them up.

I am still on the monogram kick so I decided that my wreath would need to have a big fat "J" for Jannusch. I tried like 10 times to make a "J" that I liked.

I had some leftover white burlap form a lampshade I made and decide to trace my cardboard "J" and hot glue it to the burlap.
Then I took some fabric and made a couple of Mum looking flowers (since they are a fall flower.) I didn't document my flower making process but you can find the tutorial here.

All done...

I also LOVE it on my new red door that my man painted for me when I was gone one weekend.

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