Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So Long Summer.....

I can't believe I am typing this (saying it would be harder) but ...The summer is officially over for me. Yesterday I went back to work after a wonderful, busy and adventurous summer. I haven't posted in forever... This I know, but its because I have been on the go go go!! Since our last internet meeting I taught six weeks of Summer School which was so amazing. I was able to teach third and fourth graders and it was a magical experience. I realize the picture below is really creepy looking. You are probably wondering what I actually did with my kids but this was an exercise in echolocation. We studied whales the whole time so we became pretty well versed on our largest mammal friends.

 I ran my half marathon with my best ladies in Missoula which was amazing! I felt really good and met my goal. Not to mention I got some much needed quality time in with my lady friends. Later in July we  toured the Great Western States of Montana (where Coles brother Kyle married the lovely Aisha), Idaho and Wyoming.  I haven't hooked my camera up to the computer yet so I have more photos to share on this matter. Especially since Cole and I were in the wedding and looked dashing together! Unfortunatly my phone had no wedding photos. Then we headed to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in  Wyoming.
August happened all too fast as well. Below is a picture of Lucy Lou my hillbilly looking kid, fitting right in at the Tillamook County Fair fishing for a big fish. She loved it! Her cousin Sadie joined her where they indulged in everything fried together. Magical cousin moments if you ask me.

On our wonderful tour of the West we picked up Coles Grandpa's 1968 Chrysler 300. So I guess you could say we are vintage car owners. I love the car it is really cool. I can't wait to bring it to a car show and do the car show things with it. I don't know what that means yet but I will let you know when I figure it out. The best part about the car is that it belonged to Cole's Grandpa so its a nostalgic thing for him and I love that. Oh and Lucy loves the car. She is always wanting to sit in it.
It is a boat but it fit in the garage. But only by inches..
The last little adventure I took this summer included my Mommy and Lucy. We took a trip to see my Grandpa in his home. We had a blast loving on him and each other. (On this trip Cole surprised me with a new kitchen floor and front door. He did it all with his Daddy and Mamma while we were away. I need to take a few more photos and I promise to show the home upgrades later this week!)

I hope you had an amazing summer doing what you love to do with whom you love to do it with. Here is to the last few days of August. Soak it up baby...

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