Monday, December 10, 2012

Vintage Trash to Vintage Awesome...

For those of you not familiar with the North Coast let me tell you one thing that will set it straight for you. We do not have a Target. Therefore I am left to browse a very select few stores. One being a giant Goodwill. I love treasure hunting and who knows what you might find. Well the other day I found a comfy, ugly, fringed ottoman for $7.99. I knew I loved it right away and took it home to where I could love it more.
 Hurley was being a bit of a camera whore that morning.
 See I wasn't lying... $7.99!!!
 Check out those legs. I love the nobby little brown curvy stubs! Cole helped me by removing them and the staples that held the fabric securly in place.
Then we tore off the old fabric and laid out the new. God I love Ikea... I got this awesome upholstry fabric for $7.99 a yard. I love the bold classic lines.
 I cut the fabric sparingly but gave myself several inches to play with for staples.

 Then I started at one side, pulling the fabric tight and began to staple away like a mad-woman with my beloved staple gun.
 Stripes really can blow when recovering a piece. I am not anal but just lazy and really into instant gratification so I did not take the time like most would to really line it up to make it stunning.
 Final product! Well I guess it did turn out stunning after all. Lucy loves it. I think she figured I made it just for her..... and Lola?
 Here it is all nestled in and ready to be loved. Since these photos have been taken the ottoman has taken up permanent residency in out breakfast nook where Lucy loves to dine on it. As a new mom I forgot to take into account white strpies. I have gotten a lot better at stain removal lately.... Thanks to Baking Soda! Go to Goodwill and find a treasure!
 P.S. I made the burlap pillow above for Cole several months ago. I have never been good at song lyrics as you can tell... oops... Love it even more now.

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