Friday, April 26, 2013

Grow Baby

Way back when my good friend Kenna (below) was still pregnant with the beautiful Paislee, she and I decided to make the ever popular growth charts. Her dad had acquired some stunningly rustic old barn wood. I think she said it came from an old barn in Spray, Oregon. Regardless, it was perfect for our growth charts.

We cut the wood to exactly 6 feet and measured up six inches to mark off the 1' mark. We figured we would mount the over sized rulers six inches from the ground.

 We printed out large numbers to our liking from word and traced around them with sharpie. Then we painted them in with black paint.

Then I decided to put a clear coat over the top of mine. Oops... big mistake. The whole board turned really dark. So I did what I do best and I painted over all the marking with GOLD!

Here she is! I really like her. I think I will frame pictures of Lou next to the ruler to indicate where she is and was with her growth as a little sassy lady.

Here it is in reality too. Unfortunately, we have not hung it up yet. Hint hint Cole!

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